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Xanax contraindications.

The drug is contraindicated to the patients with acute respiratory failure, intolerance to the drug components, liver/kidney dysfunction, glaucoma or propensity to it, thyroid diseases and underage people, pregnant and lactating women.

Xanax reduces the speed or mental processes and causes the impairment of motor skills. Therefore, if you buy Xanax online, you should avoid driving and engaging in the work that requires fast reaction.

During the use, the patients can Xanax without prescription and experience the following side effects: vision impairment, headache, sleeping disorder, depression, nervousness, anxiety, weight changes, memory impairment, suicidal tendencies, digestive problems, vegetative dysfunctions and lack of coordination.

The rare side effects include excitement and irritability, mental confusion, hallucinations and reduction of muscle tone. The long-term treatment may cause urinary problems, irregular menstruation and liver dysfunction and drug addiction.

Xanax (international generic Xanax name is Alprazolam) is a tranquilizer and benodiazepine derivative. It relieves anxiety, fear, stress and can slightly improve the mood (anti-depressive effect). Xanax relax the muscles due to the effect on CNS.

Cheap Xanax has a moderate sedative effect and normalizes the condition of autonomic nervous system (ANS is responsible for the innervation of internal organs and blood vessels).

Xanax alprazolam is mainly used for the short-term relief of anxiety, fear, and as a part of comprehensive treatment of low mood (depression).

The drug is rapidly absorbed, and achieves its main concentration in the blood plasma within 1-2 hours.


Xanax alprazolam is used for the treatment of the following diseases:

  • anxiety and feeling of constant danger;
  • emotional distress and anxiety;
  • sleeping disorders caused by general anxiety, especially difficulty falling asleep;
  • irritability;
  • ANS disorders: increased heartbeat, sudden changes in blood pressure, heart pain, lack of appetite, etc.
  • anxiety caused by the constant low mood (depression);
  • lack of interest to the world around, combined with the low mood;
  • anxiety and low mood (depression), caused by the internal diseases;
  • panic and fear attacks (including the fear of death).

Xanax for the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders

The drug must be taken orally. The initial dose is 0.5 mg (1 pill) every 8 hours. You may increase the evening dose, and then the daily one as well. At the end of treatment, you should reduce the dose by 0.5 mg once in 72 hours.

The drug withdrawal may cause the exacerbation of the disease (withdrawal syndrome). Old and weak patients must take lower doses due to their high sensitivity.

Patients who have used similar drugs before and people with alcohol addiction must take higher doses.

Don’t mix generic Xanax with the similar drugs.