Consult your doctor. During the dosage reduction, pharmacist will be one of your best friends. His knowledge is very important for the successful dosage reduction. He/she can define the accuracy of prescriptions, tell you what non-prescription drugs you should avoid and answer all of your questions regarding the drug use.

If the doctor prescribed you any other drug instead of Xanax, it will be also considered in the plan of dosage reduction.

Watch your health during the dosage reduction. You may feel bad due to the withdrawal symptoms. Keep watching your health. It will help your body to go through the process of detox. Although it’s not indicated by any research, physical activity and healthy lifestyle will help you to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.
Drink more water.
Eat more healthy food, for example, fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed food.
Try to get enough sleep.
Workout regularly.

Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. During the dosage reduction, you should minimize the intake of caffeine, tobacco products and alcoholic drinks. For example, alcohol creates toxins that can hamper recovery process.

Don’t take non-prescription drugs without previous consultation with the doctor or pharmacist, as many of them can increase pressure on CNS. They include antihistamines and sleeping drugs.

Keep a diary. The schedule of dosage reduction is based on the duration of treatment with Xanax Alprazolam and its dosage. Watch the dosage reduction when you buy Xanax online and write when and how much drug have you taken.

Write down when you have good and bad days and change the dosage respectively.

Don’t forget that later you’ll have to make small changes in the intake and dosage of the drug.

You may keep the diary like this:
1) January 1, 2017
2) 12 a.m.
3) Current dose: 2 mg
4) Dosage reduction: 0.2 mg
5) General dosage reduction: 1.88 mg
Make several notes if you take the drug more than once a day.
Indicate the withdrawal symptoms and significant changes in your mood.

Visit your doctor from time to time. During the dosage reduction, you should go to the doctor once in 1-4 weeks. The frequency of appointments depends on the schedule of dosage reduction. Tell the doctor about your worries and difficulties.

Don’t forget to mention such withdrawal symptoms as anxiety, irritability, concern, insomnia, panic and headache.
Seek immediate medical assistance if you note severe withdrawal symptoms, such as hallucinations or seizures after you buy Xanax without prescription.

Ask your doctor about the other drugs. If you experience serious withdrawal symptoms, your physician may prescribe you some other drugs, which can relieve them. He/she may also advice you the anti-seizure drugs, for example, carbamazepine (Tegretol).

During the withdrawal of generic Xanax, the risk of epileptic seizures increases.
If your plan involves slow and gradual dosage reduction, you won’t need the above-mentioned drugs.

Consult your psychiatrist. After the withdrawal of cheap Xanax you should pay attention to your mental health, as it may take weeks, months, or even years to eliminate the neurological changes caused by the use of this drug.

The short-term treatment may take up to three months, but the full recovery may take even several years. During the drug withdrawal, you should contact your psychologist and/or therapist.

We advise you to continue visiting the psychologist after the drug withdrawal.

Think about the rehabilitation program “12 steps”. If you’ve taken the high doses of Alprazolam, perhaps you’ll want to sign up for the program.