Tranquilizers belong to the different classes of chemical compounds. One of these classes is benzodiazepine derivatives. Different tranquilizers are used for the treatment of different diseases.

Therefore, they’re used not only for the treatment of psychological and neurological diseases, but also for the therapy of different internal disorders. However, these drugs can be used only under the medical supervision, as their wrong use may cause different side effects.

Xanax alprazolam belongs to the group of tranquilizers with anti-depressive properties. It relieves anxiety, relaxes the muscles and has anti-seizure and moderate sedative effect.

It is used for the treatment of neuroses, psychopathy, accompanied by the sense of fear and anxiety; reactive depressive states caused by the internal diseases; panic attacks and pathological fear.

Xanax may cause the lack of concentration, slow psychological and motor responses, vertigo and insomnia. The rare side effects of cheap Xanax include vision impairment, headache, sleeping disorder, depression, nervousness, anxiety, tremor, change in the body weight, memory impairment, autonomic dysfunctions, lack of coordination and digestive problems.

Some patients may buy Xanax online and experience anxiety, irritability, mental confusion, hallucinations and muscle fatigue. The long-term treatment with generic Xanax may cause autonomic dysfunctions, reduced libido, urination frequency or retention and kidney dysfunction.

Contraindications to the use of Xanax:

hypersensitivity to the benzodiazepine derivatives;
pregnancy and lactating period;
age under 18;
patient with retardation (especially combined with the low mood);
expressed kidney/liver dysfunctions;
sharp increase of intraocular pressure;
different kinds of drug addiction;
potentially dangerous activities (for example, driving), as the drug reduces the concentration and speed of motor reactions.

Side effects of Xanax:

central nervous system: sluggishness (or on the contrary, irritability and anxiety), sleepiness, headache, vertigo, low mood, trembling of extremities, lack of coordination and concentration, loss of appetite and blurred speech;
vision: increase of intraocular pressure;
digestive tract: liver dysfunction;
urinary tract: urinary retention, sexual disorder and irregular menstruation.

The abrupt withdrawal of Xanax may cause the abstinence syndrome: irritability, insomnia, anxiety; the long-term treatment of serious diseases may cause vomiting, trembling all over the body, cramps, etc.


The symptoms of overdose include sleepiness and general retardation. Such state is especially dangerous if you buy Xanax without prescription and combine Xanax alprazolam with the other psychoactive drugs, alcohol or narcotics.

In case of overdose, you should immediately call emergency. You’ll get your stomach pumped. Then, if necessary, the doctor will give you the drugs restoring the activity of respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Xanax is a good drug, intended for the elimination of anxiety and fear. As any other tranquilizer, it is available only on prescription.