Pharmaceutical Xanax according to the chemical structure belongs to the derivatives of triazolo-benzodiazepine. The drug has a very versatile activity. First of all, it is anxiolytic, sedative, and also sleeping pills. In addition, Xanax has anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant effects. Actually, the drug Xanax is a tranquilizer.

Active substance in the Xanax remedy is alprazolam. In 1 usual pill, its content is 0.25 or 0.5 mg.

The retard tablet contains, respectively, 0.5 or 1 mg of active substance.

Indications for use

Direct indications for the appointment and use of Xanax are pathologies of the neurological, as well as mental origin. So, this medication is successfully used in neuroses and anxious states, with concomitant irritability, anxiety, deterioration of sleep, in addition, anxiety, a sense of tension and somatic disorders.

Xanax alprazolam is also prescribed in conditions of panic attacks, as well as in attacks of phobia, in particular agoraphobia.

There is quite wide range of mixed anxiety-depressive, as well as neurotic reactive-depressive conditions, in which Xanax is used. Such pathologies are accompanied, most often, by psychomotor agitation, mood decay, sleep disorders, as well as decreased energy, loss of interest in the environment, in addition, a violation of cognitive activity.

Symptomatism is expressed by complaints with somatic, changes in body weight, a decrease in appetite. Suicidal thoughts may appear, for example, feelings of guilt, low value, and others.

In the number of pathologies in which these conditions appear, there are also functional and organic diseases, somatic disorders, in addition, alcohol withdrawal syndrome (abstinent).


There are some contraindications that are an obstacle to the appointment of generic Xanax. Categorically, this medication should not be taken with respiratory insufficiency (acute), with diseases of the thyroid gland, myasthenia gravis, or if the patient has an angle-closure glaucoma or a tendency to it.
Contraindications are respiratory apparatus diseases (obstructive, chronic) with initial demonstration of respiratory failure.

Do not buy Xanax online if you are in shock or coma, as well as poisoning with psychotropic and hypnotic drugs, in addition to alcohol poisoning (acute) and poisoning with opioid analgesics.

Contraindication for Xanax therapy is pregnancy, especially its 1 trimester, as well as the period of breast-feeding.

The drug is prohibited for patients under the age of 18 years.
Absolute contraindications for the use of Xanax are individual hypersensitivity and intolerance of the components of this drug, as well as other benzodiazepines.

It is not recommended to prescribe Xanax in depression therapy of a psychotic origin. In this case, the drug is inactive.

For patients with depression (severe), panic disorders, and suicidal mood, Xanax is recommended to appoint and take with extreme caution.

Diligence should be shown when using generic Xanax for patients with kidney and hepatic pathology (functional orientation).

Dosing and Administration

Xanax alprazolam is administered orally. The dosage regimen is determined by each patient individually. The amount of the drug and the frequency of admission are determined by the seriousness of the course of the disease and the effectiveness of the given drug in a particular case.

Method of administration and dosage of Xanax
For the majority of patients which buy Xanax online, the standard Xanax dosage is preferable. If there are indications, its quantity can be increased. Such changes require gradualness and caution, with a greater amount of the drug recommended in the evening, just before bedtime.

Therapy of Xanax suggests a regular assessment of the patient’s condition. If there is a need, then changes are possible in dosing.

If Xanax has provoked the appearance of negative side reactions, then its amount is recommended to decrease.