Xanax may cause some side effects. Certain pathologies occur in the cardiovascular system. These are expressed as a tachycardia, a drop in blood pressure.

• The endocrine system may malfunction. In patients, libido is disrupted, body weight changes. Women are experiencing a menstrual cycle disorders.
• It reacts to the reception of Xanax by negative reactions and the digestive system. In this connection, diarrhea or, conversely, constipation may appear. Patients complain of heartburn, nausea, vomiting.

To the list of side effects from the gastrointestinal tract dry mouth, or, conversely, increased salivation, as well as a decrease in appetite can be added. In addition, the activity of alkaline phosphatase and liver transaminases may increase, functional liver disorders, jaundice are observed.

Side effects of the Xanax medication

• The central nervous system can give out quite a large range of symptoms of a negative nature. Most often, they appear in elderly patients. These are dizziness, increased drowsiness, fatigue. There is instability in walking, a delay in the reactions of mental and motor. The list of side effects that occur when Xanax is taken includes ataxia, disorientation, in addition, a weakening of the ability to concentrate attention. Most often, such symptoms occur at the beginning of therapy when you buy Xanax online.
• Rarely, but headache, tremor, and also dystonic extra-pyramidal reactions, that is, uncontrolled movements, and the eye, among others, may appear. In some patients, Xanax may be impaired by memory, confusion, weakness. There are cases of euphoria or, conversely, decadent mood, depression. Rare, but still possible are myasthenia gravis, dysarthria.
• Individually, so-called, paradoxical reactions appeared. These could be outbreaks of aggression, increased irritability, agitation, confusion. In addition, there were anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, as well as fear, inclination to suicide, muscle spasm.
• The urinary system responds to Xanax alprazolam by side effects. It manifests itself in the form of abnormalities in the functioning of the kidneys (functional), dysmenorrhea, urinary retention, or, conversely, incontinence.
• Against the backdrop of Xanax alprazolam therapy, there are also reactions of the allergic plan. Itching, skin rash appears.

Negative reactions of Xanax are possible on the part of the hemostatic system. First of all, agranulocytosis may occur. The symptomatology of it is:

Sore throat;
Increased weakness;
Increased fatigue;

Patients may also develop anemia, thrombocytopenia, leuko- and neutropenia.

Special instructions

If the patient has not previously resorted to therapy with drugs affecting the central nervous system, then alprazolam can be prescribed and taken in minimal amounts. Patients who previously used antidepressants or anxiolytics, as well as those suffering from alcoholism (chronic) are expected to have higher doses of generic Xanax.

Xanax may be part of a comprehensive treatment of endogenous depressions. In this regard, it is appointed together with antidepressants. Xanax is capable of provoking the emergence of manic and hypomanic conditions in patients with depression.

Xanax therapy for a long time, especially when taking alprazolam in high doses, can lead to the development of addiction, as well as to drug dependence. More often, such pathologies occur in patients predisposed to abuse of drugs.

The so-called withdrawal syndrome can be developed with a rapid withdrawal of the drug or a sharp decrease in its quantity. Moreover, the condition is expressed by different symptoms and their different severity. So, patients can have a small dysphoria, insomnia. More severe conditions are expressed in the form of convulsions, spasms of muscles (skeletal), cramping in the abdomen, tremor. Vomiting may start, increased sweating may appear.

In patients undergoing generic Xanax therapy more than two or three months, withdrawal syndrome is more common.

Treatment with tranquilizers

Treatment of this medicine involves the rejection of alcohol, as well as from driving vehicles. It is not recommended to buy Xanax online and perform certain types of work that require special care and an accelerated response during the Xanax therapy.

Do not take Xanax with other tranquilizers.